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Oral Histories in Endangered Language Corpora – Vortrag von Joshua Wilbur und Michael Rießler am FRIAS

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Der Vortrag ist Teil einer interdisziplinären Tagung mit dem Titel "Oral History Meets Linguistics" vom 3.–4. Dezember

  • Vortrag
Wann 04.12.2015
von 10:45 bis 11:30
Wo FRIAS, Albertstr. 19, großer Seminarraum
Name Joshua Wilbur
Kontakttelefon 3219
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A number of endangered language documentation projects affiliated with the Freiburg Research Group in Saami Studies have been building language corpora for endangered Uralic languages for several years. While the data gathered on these minority languages (Pite Saami, Skolt Saami, Kildin Saami and Izhva Komi) corresponds to a wide variety of genres, a common type of recording can clearly be considered oral history. Our main motivation as linguists doing such recordings is to collect non-elicited, unplanned examples of the target language in the spoken modus on topics that speakers can relate to in a comfortable, relaxed, natural way, which aligns well with expectations of oral history. It is precisely such recordings which can prove to be valuable sources for other disciplines as well, particularly anthropology.

In our talk, we will present our approach to language documentation, and show examples of oral history recordings in our corpora. We believe that our heavily annotated recordings guarantee intellectual access even for researchers who do not speak the languages we document because these include translations into the respective national languages as well as English and/or Russian. Our extensive metadata provide relevant background information on speakers, the recording session itself, as well as project details, which thus allows non-linguists not only to contextualize recordings, but also to filter for potentially relevant categories such as gender, age or other topical keywords.

The original recordings (audio and frequently video), annotations and metadata are available to the research community via international language archives. While much work still needs to be done, we envision creating extensively linked documentations. This means that the metadata and annotations for individual recordings are tagged with keywords on relevant subjects, thus allowing searches both within a single archive, but also in connection with external archives and/or search engines, for both linguistics and other topics. Last but not least, our documentations can be used to provide endangered language communities with valuable linguistic and cultural resources to be utilized for instance for teaching, for local or even family history.

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