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The Freiburg Research Group in Saami Studies

Saami languages have been researched and taught at the Department of Scandinavian Studies on a regular basis since 2008. The Freiburg Research Group in Saami Studies was created in 2013 under the direction of Michael Rießler as a result of new externally-funded linguistics projects. The group is also affiliated with a number of other projects dealing with languages, literatures and other aspects of Saami and other cultures in the Arctic regions of Northern Eurasia.

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Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Skandinavisches Seminar
Platz der Universität 3
D-79098 Freiburg

Office location

Belfortstr. 16, 3rd floor, room 3005






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PhD Workshop on Methods in Language Documentation and Description

Symposium at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin

Saami Research Seminar

Workshops and Conferences


Guest Lecture


Public Relations



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  • Michael Rießler: "News from Saami Language Documentation". Guest lecture at the University of Oulu, 10 December 2015
  • Michael Rießler, Joshua Wilbur: Oral History Meets Linguistics, 3–4 December 2015, Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies
  • Michael Rießler: "News from Saami Language Documentation". Guest lecture at the University of Helsinki, 6 November 2015
  • Niko Partanen, Michael Rießler, Hanna Thiele: "Exploring constituent order variation in selected languages of the Barents Sea area" Transalpine Typology Meeting, 8–9 October 2015, University of Lyon
  • Michael Rießler [with Hanna Hedeland, Timm Lehmberg, Beáta Wagner-Nagy]: "INEL – ein Infrastrukturvorhaben zur Dokumentation indigener nordeurasischer Sprachen" Forschungsdaten in den Geisteswissenschaften (FORGE 2015), 15–18 September 2015, Universität Hamburg
  • Michael Rießler, Niko Partanen, Joshua Wilbur [with Rogier Blokland]: "A critical evaluation of past, current and future approaches in Uralic language documentation" Congressus XII Internationalis Fenno-Ugristarum, 17–21 August 2015, Oulun yliopisto


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In Preparation
Forthcoming 2016
  • Michael Rießler [with Kristina Kotcheva]: Complementizers in Kildin, North and Skolt Saami. Semantic functions of complementizers in European languages (Empirical Approaches to Language Typology [EALT]), ed. by Kaspar Boye and Petar Kehayov. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton. (in print)
  • Niko Partanen [with Janne Saarikivi]: Fragmentation of Karelian language and its community: growing variation at the threshold of the language shift. New and Old Language Diversities, ed. by Reetta Toivanen and Janne Saarikivi. Bristol: Multilingual Matters. (in print)
  • Niko Partanen, Michael Rießler, Joshua Wilbur [with Rogier Blokland, Ciprian Gerstenberger, Marina Fedina]: "Language documentation meets language technology" First International Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Uralic Languages. Proceedings of the Workshop (Septentrio Conference Series, 2), ed by Tommi A. Pirinen, Francis M. Tyers, Trond Trosterud. Tromsø: The University Library of Tromsø. 8–18.
  • Michael Rießler: Vom Matthäusevangelium zur Wikipedia: Medien für das bedrohte Kildinsaamische. Medien für Minderheitensprachen (Freiburger Romanistische Arbeiten), ed. by María Alba Niño and Rolf Kailuweit. Wien: Rombach, 2015. 127–158
  • Michael Rießler [ed. with Heiko F. Martin, Janne Saarikivi, Reetta Toivanen]: Cultural and Linguistic Minorities in the Russian Federation and the European Union (Multilingual Education 13), Berlin: Springer, 2015
  • Michael Rießler [with Florian Siegl (Helsinki)]. Uneven steps to literacy – The history of the Dolgan, Forest Enets and Kola Saami literary languages. Cultural and Linguistic Minorities in the Russian Federation and the European Union (Multilingual Education 13), ed. by Heiko F. Martin, Michael Rießler, Janne Saarikivi and Reetta Toivanen. Berlin: Springer, 2015
  • Joshua Wilbur, 2015. “Pitesamisk språk – en introduksjon”. In Pitesamiske stedsnavn i Salten, L.M.Skarvik (ed). Drag: Báhko forlag.


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WiSe 2015/16
6–11 July 2016

Supervision of students

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PhD Theses

  • Niko Partanen: Dissertation project (working title) "Documentary Sociolinguistics of Izhva-Komi diaspora varieties" (supervised by Michael Rießler)
  • Hanna Thiele: Dissertation project (working title) "A Corpus-based microtypology of word order in varieties of Saami and Kurdish" (supervised by Michael Rießler)
  • Evgenia Zhivotova: Dissertation project (working title) "Variation and change in function words in Kildin Saami" (supervised by Michael Rießler)

Masters Theses

  • Nadia Dobrodeyeva: M.A. thesis on discourse particles in Komi-Russian language contact (supervised by Michael Rießler)
  • Miriam Hecker: M.A. thesis on relative constructions in Pite Saami (supervised by Joshua Wilbur)

Bachelor Theses

  • Lisa Bölzner: B.A. thesis on contrastive German-Swedish phraseology (supervised by Michael Rießler)
  • Hanna Burkhardt: B.A. thesis on the morphology of recent English loan words in Swedish (supervised by Joshua Wilbur)
  • Lilli Oksanen: B.A. thesis on the status and future of Swedish in Finland (supervised by Michael Rießler)


  • Nadia Dobrodeyeva: Building a speech corpus for the investigation of code-switching between Russian and native languages of the Barents area (supervised by Michael Rießler)
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